Corporate profile

Residing at distant Thrace and for over 60 years, Komotini Flour Mills, being continuously present in the market, enjoys its clients respect for serving high quality products, as well as for being flexible and able to adapt into modern customer demands.

To retain tradition in quality, as third generation, we choose from the best Greek wheat and we answer to modern market. In the past 10 years we have doubled the wheat collection stations and our storage facilities. We have completely renewed our mechanical equipment and have fully automated the production line and packing process. Willing to respond to all customers demands, we have created a fully equipped laboratory which guarantees consistency in high quality flour. We have developed a privately owned fleet in order to serve all of our customers from Orestiada to Crete.

Having set our customers satisfaction as our main goal, we are preserving the sense of trust by which we have been embraced by constantly monitoring the end product and working for the best possible outcome.